Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween pictures!

I know I took forever to post my Halloween pictures! This last week has been super busy, so here goes!

First we went to Alex's school parade. The kids just walk through the gym with their costuems on! It's cute to see all of the different costumes and Alex was very proud to show off his batman costume!

Next we went trick-or-treating at Daddy's office! All of the employees have candy at their desk and most of them dress up (Daddy didn't want to this year) and all the families can come! It was alot of fun and the kids got so much candy just from there. The first one is a picture of Brayden eating his very first sucker.

After that, we went to the ward trunk-or-treat. Here's Brayden, the dragon trying to escape

Daddy being a good sport, handing out candy! He wasn't feeling well that day!

Alex and Brayden ready to go!

This one shows Brayden's costume a little better! He was so cute!

Brayden and Daddy

When we got home Brayden went to bed and Daddy stayed and watched t.v. while Alex and I went out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood! As you can see, it was a really long day and the kids were exhausted! We had a great time though and we still have tonz of candy!!

Yay, I got tagged! My first tagging! LOL

Okay, so what you do is post the 4th picture in your 4th file and your 6th picture in your 6th file and explain them! Thanks for the tag Tami!

This is Alex and Adam from Alex's baptism day! It was such a special day to see Adam baptize him. Alex was so excited! He's such a great kid. Oh, and yes it's sideways, but I don't know how to turn it (LOL) but I figured it would give this post character! I was 9 months pregnant at this time so I'm glad the 4th picture wasn't of me!!!

This one is Brayden when he's probably about 4 days old, or so! You can see that he's still a bit yellow because he had a little bit of jaundice. He's so cute and tiny!!

Okay, now I tag Jessica, Melissa, Kristi and Megan!