Friday, September 4, 2009


We're having a baby!! I wasn't going to post this yet, but I'm so bad at keeping secrets! We are due in the Springtime. I can't wait to have a spring baby, I have two summer babies, so I'm so excited to be able to miss the summer entirely this time around. I can't wait to have a newborn again. I love that stage! I just love being a mom so much! Here's a little poem that we came up with to tell the Grandparents (I blocking out my actual due date in case there's any crazies that are reading my blog)

I'm number 3 and I'm on my way
Pink or blue, I can't say
but I'll be here soon,*** is the day
I can't wait to meet you and I can't wait to play!
Love, Baby Page

We wrote it in crayons with some letters backward for my parents to read and Alex read it over the web cam to Adam's parents! This will be my parents 20th grandchild and Adam's parent's 3rd!

We are thrilled, but we're still cautious! The other day, some of you know that I posted on facebook that I was worried about something. Well, I went in for emergency oral surgery because I had a bad infection in my toothe and I had to get it taken out. Well, I'm still in my first trimester and they don't usually do any dental work until you're in your second trimester. Well, I was assured that everything they were using and everything I would be taking was safe. Two days later, I started bleeding pretty heavily and thought I was miscarrying. I went to the Dr. and thankfully, they were able to find the heartbeat. I've seen the heartbeat one more time since then, and I go back in two weeks. So we're praying everything goes okay and that this little one will actually come to our family! Cross your fingers and I'll keep you posted!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bye bye, baba!

I am happy to say that Brayden has been off of the bottle for about a month now. He just turned two, so I'd say that's not too bad, right? For a while, the only time he would have it was at nap time and bed time (with water) and in the car if we were going to be driving for a while. Well, he started biting holes in the nipples and I was like, I am not going to keep buying packages of nipples, so it was time! He wasn't happy at first, but now he's forgotten all about them. If he sees another baby holding one, he'll reach for it and act kind of sad, but then he'll forget about it. This is such a big milestone for my little guy and it just goes to show that he's not a baby anymore!! :( Now we just need to decide when to get rid of the binky! I have a feeling that one's going to be a lot harder!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My sad, neglected blog...

I have been soo busy lately, that I have not had any time to blog. I have had a lot going on, so as soon as I'm able, I will fill you all in! We finally bought a cute house so packing has been taking most of my time and we're going out of town tomorrow! So please don't give up on my little blog, we'll be back I promise!! :) I can't wait to show you all pictures of our house! We're very excited! Oh yeah, and I cut 12 inches off of my hair and donated it to Locks of Love!!! So pics of that are going to come too!! See ya soon!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My experience tonight...

Okay, some of you know from facebook that I had an experience tonight that, I feel, has changed my life!! I'm not sure why it has affected me so deeply, but I'm really trying hard to hold the emotion back as I type this! I met a woman tonight that is a burn victim! I don't know how it happened, I didn't ask, but almost every inch of her body is covered in scars! She is missing all of her fingers on one hand and on the other, she just has two stubs left from her index finger and middle finger. She has no nose and no lips. I could tell that she had applied lipstick to where her lips would have been!! I cannot fathom the amount of pain that she must have gone through and what a long road her recovery must have been and having to live with a constant reminder of the awful event, whatever it was, every time she looks in the mirror! I didn't know her at all before her accident, but someone I know said she knew here and said that she was absolutely beautiful! I still feel like she is beautiful and I really hope she feels that way too! I just burst into tears after meeting her because how often have I felt so critical of myself because I had a zit or because I've gained some weight or because of the stretch marks I got because of being pregnant!! None of that matters to me anymore! In that split second I decided that I love myself no matter what and I think that I am pretty great no matter what my size or whether I have makeup on or not! I forgot to mention that this woman was so upbeat and positive and seems to have taken this trial and this burden that she has been given and made the best of it! Why can't I be that way too? She is not married, and I'm sad to think that she may never be because no one will be able to get past the outside appearance that she now has and see what's inside! I am so grateful to have such an amazing husband and I never want to take him for granted! I am so grateful right now especially of the knowledge that I have of the gospel that we will be resurrected! I can't wait for this woman's resurrection! How amazing it will be for her to let go of that earthly pain that she has had to deal with for so long! Gosh, I am so emotional over this! I just feel like her spirit must be pretty special for the Lord to feel like she would be able to handle this sort of burden! I feel so blessed in my life! I have trials and I know I will have many more, but I know that the Lord wont give me anything that I can't handle! Anyway, I hope that this post has touched some of you the same way that having this experience has touched me! We are all daughters of God and we are BEAUTIFUL no matter what!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary!! (Yesterday)

Yesterday Adam and I celebrated our 4th anniversary! May 21st 2005 we were married in the Salt Lake temple and it was the most beautiful day!! It has gone by so fast. He is seriously the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I feel more in love with him now than ever!! I just wanted him to know how much I appreciate everything he does for me and our family. He works so hard and sacrifices so much! He was willing to become an instant Daddy to Alex when we got married and he's done such a great job! We're so lucky to have him in our lives and now we have our sweet baby Brayden too!! I'm looking forward to the many years we have together and what the future holds for us and our family! I love you so much!! You're the BEST!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy hair day...

Alex had crazy hair and wear your favorite sports shirt day the other day at school! He wanted a mo hawk really bad and he's wearing his soccer jersey that matches Adam's that Adam bought him on his last business trip to New York! Isn't he handsome! He's getting too big, too fast!

I didn't even realize that you can see Brayden in the background, on the couch! Cute!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Messy Baby...

For your viewing pleasure, here are a bunch of shots of my messy, messy baby! He refuses to let me help him eat, he has to feed himself! So needless to say, most of it ends up on the floor, in his hair, etc.! Could he be any cuter?? I don't think so!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Downward Dog anyone??

Isn't he the cutest little yoga baby? Haha! He held this pose for a while, and it seriously looks like he's doing downward dog! I don't do much yoga, but I have started doing pilates, so I'm not sure where he got this from! Such a silly kid!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

To my Dearest Wife, April.


I'm so thankful for all the hard work you do. You're the best!


Monday, April 6, 2009

How could I have forgotten to post Valentine's Day??

I was looking through my past posts and realized I had forgotten to post Valentine's Day! Oops! I actually have a lot of stuff that I haven't posted yet, so maybe I'll make one big makeup post later! Valentine's Day was a lot of fun! We had a candle lit family dinner and I made garlic shrimp scampi with salad bowls, that had blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon inside them, cheese breadsticks and yummy appetizers. We had some Martinelli's and chocolate dipped strawberries. The roses in the middle of the table are from Adam! We watched Madacasgar 2 afterward and enjoyed spending a fun time as a family!

You can't tell, but the lights were off! I guess I should've turned off the flash!

I caught Daddy mid bite!!

Pardon the pans in the background, but you can't make a holiday meal without making a mess!!

The spread!

Yummy dessert! Chocolate lava cakes!

Cute messages from my darling guys!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I know this was a few weeks ago, but I hadn't posted pictures yet. Brayden turned 18 months and is now big enough to go to nursery! Where has the time gone! My baby is going to be 2 before I know it. These pictures are from his first day in nursery and he did really well. He loved the snacks and had so much fun playing. I about started crying because he's growing up so fast!!

With Daddy at snack time!

Brayden and his new teacher

Toys is the best part!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

18 Month Checkup and ER visit!

So Tuesday was a very busy and hectic day for us! As a lot of you know, we went to the ER that night, I'll get to the story in a minute! Sorry to leave you all hanging about it. I know you were worried and I really appreciate your concern! Brayden had his 18 month appt. that morning! I can't believe he's 18 months already. Where does the time go?? Well, his stats are Weight-22 lbs 5 oz! Yay, he's finally past 20lbs, and he's now in the 10th percentile instead of the 3rd. What can I say, I make little kids, although I don't know where they get it! LOL Anyway, his length is 32", which is the 25th percentile also up from the 3rd! My little guy is going through a growth spurt I guess! He had to get one shot, and he handled it really well! There are a couple of concerns that I brought up with the Dr. One is that he looks like he has a lazy eye! At first I thought he had just discovered how to go cross eyed and thought it looked cool, but now it's just his right eye that drifts into the corner. I got a referral to a Pediatric Opthalmologist, so hopefully it's nothing too major and it is fixable with a patch and not serious enough for surgery or anything. Also, Brayden has had two reactions to peanuts, so I got a referral to an allergist and a perscription for some epi pens! We'll take him to get a scratch test when he's a little older, but for now we'll just treat it like it's a severe allergy and cut out peanuts all together! Crazy stuff, yeah??

Here's some pictures of Brayden after his allergic reaction! So sad!!

The picture doesn't really show how severe it really was. His eyes were almost completely swollen shut and his whole face was red and splotchy. We were in the middle of the desert driving home from CA and weren't anywhere near a drugstore. Needless to say, I won't be going anywhere without Children's Benedryl and epi pens from now on. Luckily, his air way wasn't constricting at all and he was acting completely normal!

Okay, on to the rest of our night! We went to Costco to get a few things that night and decided to get some pizza at the little eatery. Brayden kept trying to get out of the front of the cart so we decided to let him stand in the back part because the cart was parked right next to the table and we were right there. Well, I went to fill up our drinks and Adam turned his back for a second to grab his jacket and right as I turned to walk back to our table I saw Brayden starting to go over the edge of the cart. I screamed and Adam turned around and grabbed his foot, but his shoe came off in his hand and Brayden hit the concrete floor, hard, right on his head!! That was such a horrible moment to be too far away and not be able to do anything about it! Adam felt awful too, because he was right there but he had just turned away for a second. Adam grabbed Brayden and held him and he started screaming at first but then he was silent and started to act really lethargic and just laid his head down on Adam's shoulder! The hospital is right next door to the Costco in Murray, so we went right over. He started acting a little normal again when we were waiting for the nurse and she checked his vital signs and everything looked okay. The dr. came in and checked his whole body and felt his head and checked his pupils, and he said if we wanted to they would give him a CT scan, but he didn't feel like it was necessary, so we decided not to. They told us what to watch for and told us to check him throughout the night to make sure he was okay. He did have a mild concussion, but nothing major! The Dr. said we were lucky because a fall like that on concrete could have been fatal!! That night while I was lying in bed, I just cried!! You don't realize how quickly your life can change forever in just an instant! I don't know what I would've done if my little sweetheart weren't with us right now! Our lives could've been a lot different right now, and I am so thankful to my Lord for blessing us in so many ways, and protecting my little boy!! I am so greatful for both of my beautiful children, and I don't know what I would do without them!

Here's some pictures of his cute little legs with his shot bandage and his ER tag! Poor little thing had to get poked and prodded all day!

Mommy loves you Brayden!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weight Watcher's!

So some of you already know that I joined Weight Watcher's at the beginning of February, so I thought I would update you with my progress! I've had three weigh in's so far and I've lost 8 lbs!! I'm so excited! I'm really loving the program so far and I feel like it's something that I can definately do and stick with long term! I have battled with my weight, up and down, for so long and I know there are underlying emotional issues from my past, so I hope this will give me the tools and the motivation to make permanant changes! My dear husband, who has never said a word about my weight as it crept up over the years, is so supportive and wonderful! I still have a long way to go, and I'll keep updating my progress over time! Thanks to all my awesome friends who are so supportive and amazing and have shown me that they care about me know matter what my size is!!

Here are some picture's for my motivation! These are all taken in 2003 right around the time I met Adam!

This one is sideways, but I really like it! That is my niece, Hannah!

These are from Christmas '03 holding my niece, Macey!

That's where I want to be again, I know I have a long way to go! Wish me luck!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

This is how it works...
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just like Daddy!

Brayden loves to pretend he's playing xbox with Adam! It is so cute! He'll sit next to him and push the buttons and this time was especially cute because he sat right next to him and put the blanket over his lap like Adam had it! So cute!! I think it's funny how Adam looks so intent and Brayden looks like he's having so much fun!

My handsome guy!

I just couldn't resist taking pictures of Adam playing Guitar Hero! He looks so cute and he gets so into it!