Monday, April 6, 2009

How could I have forgotten to post Valentine's Day??

I was looking through my past posts and realized I had forgotten to post Valentine's Day! Oops! I actually have a lot of stuff that I haven't posted yet, so maybe I'll make one big makeup post later! Valentine's Day was a lot of fun! We had a candle lit family dinner and I made garlic shrimp scampi with salad bowls, that had blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon inside them, cheese breadsticks and yummy appetizers. We had some Martinelli's and chocolate dipped strawberries. The roses in the middle of the table are from Adam! We watched Madacasgar 2 afterward and enjoyed spending a fun time as a family!

You can't tell, but the lights were off! I guess I should've turned off the flash!

I caught Daddy mid bite!!

Pardon the pans in the background, but you can't make a holiday meal without making a mess!!

The spread!

Yummy dessert! Chocolate lava cakes!

Cute messages from my darling guys!!


FishinFamily said...

Looks yummy and fun!! Good job chef!!! =) See you tomorrow night.

Joni said...

Wow!! Good job! I am always impressed when mom's go the extra mile to make each holiday fun and memorable for their kids!
Looks fun and delicious!

Hansen Family said...

wow that desert made my mouth water! did you make it? looks like fun

Megan said...

Looks fun! Just what we did. It's a great memory to make with your kids!! Yummy food, I want recipes!

welchfamily said...

It looks good next year I am comin' over!!!

Brittany said...

Good Job! Looks good!