Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bye bye, baba!

I am happy to say that Brayden has been off of the bottle for about a month now. He just turned two, so I'd say that's not too bad, right? For a while, the only time he would have it was at nap time and bed time (with water) and in the car if we were going to be driving for a while. Well, he started biting holes in the nipples and I was like, I am not going to keep buying packages of nipples, so it was time! He wasn't happy at first, but now he's forgotten all about them. If he sees another baby holding one, he'll reach for it and act kind of sad, but then he'll forget about it. This is such a big milestone for my little guy and it just goes to show that he's not a baby anymore!! :( Now we just need to decide when to get rid of the binky! I have a feeling that one's going to be a lot harder!


welchfamily said...

Good Job!!!! I am sure the binky will be harder but you can do it!!! (I am so glad that you posted again!!!)


Yay April!! That is the best! I've missed reading your blog. Nice to see you at it again. He's a cutie!