Friday, December 5, 2008

15 Month Check up!

Yesterday was Brayden's 15 Month check up! It ended up being a pretty crazy day! He was just scheduled for a well child check up, but right as we were pulling in to the Dr. office he threw up everywhere!! It was awful! It was all over his clothes, face, the car and car seat! So his check up ended up being a sick child check up! Luckily I had a change of clothes and the nurses were so nice to help me clean everything up! Poor little guy! I was hoping it was a one timer, but he threw up again today!! He doesn't act sick at all other than just the throwing up but before and after, he's walking around and smiling, so who knows! Hopefully he's really done this time! Anyway, I was worried about him getting his vaccinations if he was sick but the Dr. assured me that it would be fine as long as he wasn't running a fever! So he got 3 shots, 1 of which was his flu shot booster! I don't know how to turn the picture, but you can still see his cute little legs with the bandaids on them!

Oh and here's his stats! 30 1/2in and 19 lbs 12 oz! Yes, I know I have a little baby! One of these days we'll hit 20 lbs!

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The Browns said...

poor baby! Elizabeth had a stomach bug before thanksgiving. Don't worry, Elizabeth just hit her 20 lb. mark in the last month! She's almost 16 months.